Why Crossroads?

Individualized Curriculum
It is our policy to ensure that each child manages to reach their fullest potential by individualizing each academic curriculum. The students are assessed and an individual program is then put in place by their teachers.

Small Class Sizes
Our strict 8:1 student-to-teacher ratio ensures that each student has ample one-on-one contact with each teacher. It also provides students with the emotional support that they often require in order to achieve their own goals.

Remedial Teaching
This teaching method relies on using different practices to increase aptitude and learning through the engagement of modifications and compensatory techniques to enable students to fill in existing “gaps” in their knowledge base.

Compensatory Skills
Teaching techniques that aid a student in areas that need compensation are essential for academic advancement. Students are given the necessary skills to compensate for another skill that they may lack.

Specialty Classes
Each class includes a 30-minute specialty skills class. This class changes every nine weeks and focuses on necessary skills such as art, social skills, gross motor skills, written expression, keyboarding and fine motor skills.

Supportive Technology
Crossroads students are given access to Co-Writer software, a writing assistant with intelligent word prediction that helps struggling students build and write complete and correct sentences. It reduces the number of keystrokes needed to produce a word or sentence, limiting the student’s frustration and allowing them to enjoy their creativity.

Cross-Curriculum Activities
Theater visits allow us to incorporate and integrate drama, music, and art into our school curriculum, encouraging the students to compare varied media, language and productions.

Field Trips
Field trips to the science museum and a civil war ranch incorporate practical experience into an academic curriculum which encourages learning amongst students.