Crossroads School Inc. was created in 1977 by Carol Garnett, a Masters level Special Education teacher with experience in both public and private schools. Determined to meet the needs of the students who were falling through the cracks of the conventional school system, Ms. Garnett took “the road less traveled” and created an educational institution focusing on learning differences. Ms. Garnett purchased a lot and created the school at 5822 Dolores Street in Houston, Texas. In 2001, after 24 years of dedication to the school, Ms. Garnett retired. Today, Ms. Garnett sits on the Board of Directors and serves as an educational consultant.

Dr. Gila Arnoni, a psychologist and parent of a dyslexic son that attended Crossroads School, followed in Ms. Garnett’s footsteps. In 2004 she reincorporated the school as a tax exempt organization 501(c)(3) status and took the school to the next level while fulfilling a critical need in the community. Dr. Arnoni continues the “Out-of-the Box” approach which includes:

    • Individualizing all facets of the student’s learning experience
    • Interfacing remediation with compensatory skills
    • Utilizing technology to support learning
    • Implementing research findings

Today, Crossroads School is comprised of up to 90 students ranging in grades K-9th. We maintain an 8:1 student to teacher ratio in grades K-8 and 10:1 in 9th grade. Crossroads offers a complete curriculum which focuses on remediation as well as compensatory skills. Our educators specialize in creating a personalized multi-sensory educational program for each student with the ultimate goal of transitioning the student back into a conventional school.