We welcome your interest in Crossroads School and look forward to working with you throughout the admissions process. The following outline provides an overview of the steps for admission.

Each family’s needs are unique, therefore we assess each admission request individually.

Admissions Process
1. A member of the admissions team conducts a brief telephone interview with the parent to gather basic information.
2. The parent(s) tour our campus and we meet for a more detailed interview which includes reviewing the psychoeducational evaluation of the potential student. The psychoeducational evaluation must have been administered sometime during the last three years.
3. The potential student visits the school for a full day, possibly two days. After the student visit is complete we will either offer enrollment or make recommendations for other options.

Information about Psychoeducational Evaluations
Crossroads School requires incoming students to have a psychoeducational assessment completed within the last three years and existing students to provide renewed testing every three years (from last date of testing).

Various professionals at Crossroads School use the results of the evaluation to help develop the foundation of your child’s individualized educational plan and/or a social/emotional program.

Crossroads School is committed to supporting students’ and parents’ endeavors by providing information, understanding and support.  

Below, you will find two excellent articles about Psychoeducational testing. We strongly encourage you to read them and ask us any questions you may have.

Understanding and preparing your child for psychoeducational testing
What is psychoeducational testing? How can you prepare your child for it? by: Kim Glenchur | March 9, 2016 Great! Schools

Understanding the results of psychoeducational testing
Confused by the complex test scores from your child’s psychoeducational testing? Author and parent Kim Glenchur explains how to understand and interpret them. by: Kim Glenchur | March 16, 2016 Great! Schools


Please contact Amy Levin,
Director of Admissions, at 713-977-1221 or We also encourage you to fill out an Initial Inquiry Form