Despite the fact that learning differences are diagnosed earlier and recognized more readily, many Houston children still struggle on a daily basis in traditional classrooms. Research proves repeatedly that these students make the greatest educational progress when they receive individualized, academically-centered learning plans that focus on their strengths and accommodate for their unique learning style.

Crossroads’ teachers utilize many different curriculum, teaching aids, and manipulatives in order to develop a unique curriculum in each subject for each student. An appropriate instructional plan is based on their unique learning needs. These plans provide remedial learning opportunities, develop compensatory learning skills and facilitate self-paced progress.

 Our Teaching Philosophy

The Crossroads “Outside of the Box teaching philosophy is based on the following tenets:

  • We recognize that each child is unique and children learn in different ways.
  • We respect these different learning styles and seek to accommodate them.
  • We strive to foster healthy interpersonal relationships with peers and adults.
  • We work to promote a feeling of self-worth and dignity.

We encourage students to reach their highest level of achievement within the framework of their capabilities and talents.